PT Power Service Indonesia was established in 2003 as a foreign investment Company operated in Indonesia.

Our Company’s mission is to provide a comprehensive bespoke solution for our valued client’s power requirements.

PSI core business is the conversion to Dual-fuel of Diesel generator sets from various brands and outputs. The conversion solutions are now extended to a wider range of applications such as : frack trucks, mining heavy duty trucks, diesel engines driving pumps, locomotives and marine (under development).

After hearing the market needs we recently started with additional products such as :

  • Advanced Exhaust Energy Recovery System (for dual-fuel, diesel, and gas gen-sets).
  • Oil Conditioning package to extend the lifetime by at least four times and prevent engine damages due to various oil contaminations (applicable for lube & hydraulic oils).
  • Remote monitoring via ComAp WebSupervisor applicable to most sectors.
  • Rentar Fuel Catalyst for Diesel Fuel & Emissions Reduction.

We highly value reliable and durable solutions leading to attractive benefits for end users, therefore we constantly improve and optimise our bespoke products & services offered to our clients, and last but not least contributing to a cleaner environment.