High Speed Conversion

High Speed Engines 1000 to 1800 RPM (Generator Sets and Pumps)

Generator engines are typically governed and therefore must maintain the same RPM at all times, when an alternative energy (the gas) is introduced to the governed engine there is simply less energy (or power) required to be delivered by the engine’s diesel governor. This allows InteliBifuel to control precisely the amount of gas being introduced to the engine and in doing so enable lower quantities of diesel to be used to provide the power. The diesel engine principal does not change – the engine is still dieseling and the diesel fuel is required to provide 30% of the engine power, parts lubrication, cooling and as an ignition source for the gas.
ComAp’s quality and fully automated InteliBifuel solution ensures that all key engine safety parameters are met at all times. Should any engine parameter move towards a maximum limit, the amount of gas will automatically decrease and adjust itself and should any of the engine manufacture’s parameters be exceeded for any reason, gas is immediately stopped and the engine continues to operate on 100% diesel without any interruption of the power supply. By this principle InteliBifuel achieves the highest possible gas/diesel ratio.
Depending on the type of engine typical gas/diesel ratios after conversion are up to 70% gas/30% diesel. There are additional factors which can also affect gas/diesel ratios such as: engine condition, ambient weather conditions at the site, site load variability, and gas quality etc.
Yes. Any 4 stroke diesel engine is generally suitable.
No, the engine performance will remain the same as before the conversion. The engine can still operate up to full or maximum load at any time; it should be noted that the best gas/diesel ratios are normally achieved at around 80% of nominal engine power, which is usual for a continuous operation. When the engine needs to operate above 80% of nominal engine the ComAp InteliBifuel automatically decreases the amount of gas. Also the engine’s response to load steps and transient loads or changes will remain exactly the same as before the conversion.
No, InteliBifuel does not interfere with the existing engine control system nor does it control the engine in any way or stop the engine at any time. InteliBifuel is mainly concerned with the precise control of the gas and protection of the engine when operating in DDF mode. Gas is only introduced to the engine once the engine has already started and is running on 100% diesel.
ComAp has a standard two year warranty for all ComAp products.
ComAp InteliBifuel will safely maximize the use of any available combustible gas, i.e. natural gas, well gas, bio gas, landfill gas, propane gas, coal gas, CNG, LNG and experienced successfully with Flare Gas and SynGas.
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