Low/Medium Speed Conversion

Gas is injected into the cylinder inlet manifold by individual gas electromagnetic valves installed as close to the suction valves as possible. The valves are separately timed and controlled by ComAp injection control unit INCON. This system interrupts the gas supply to the cylinder during the long overlap of the suction and exhaust valves (just typical for slow-speed and medium-speed engines – within the valve overlap cylinder scavenging is performed). This avoids substantial gas losses and prevents dangerous gas flow to the exhaust manifold.
  • System for conversion of industrial diesel engines to bi–fuel operation by substitution of typically 60–90% natural gas for diesel or HFO
  • Suitable for engines with speed below 1000 RPM and output above 500 kW
  • No reduction of engine power or efficiency
  • Smooth transition between diesel and bi–fuel
    operations at any time
  • Gas is injected directly before intake valve by high
    speed electromagnetic injector, one injector per cylinder
  • No modification on internal engine components is required
  • Automatic equalization of exhaust gas temperatures from individual cylinders