Mining Dump Truck

  • Mining Dump Truck uses InteliDrive Mobile Logger for complete monitoring and data logging of the vehicle multi-controls system.
  • InteliDrive Mobile Logger is designed for harsh environment meeting IP67 protection. The integrated control unit and harnesses concept makes the installation and production more simpler (no additional switchboard is needed).
  • Required data from several control units (Engine control unit, Transmission control unit, Vehicle system unit and others) are via CAN bus and with analog and binary inputs collected and recorded in InteliDrive Mobile Logger unit. There can be up to 220.000 events recorded which enables to check recorded values moths backward.
  • ID-Mobile GPRS module makes possible remote connection to the unit via AirGate. Combination with ID-Mobile GPS module allows features related to a location of the machine (position, Geofencing etc.).
Dump Trucks Mining