Exhaust Recovery Energy System

An advanced exhaust energy recovery technologies for reciprocating engines, which are the dominant plant for power generation in remote areas, for renewable fuels and for biomass energy applications.

As specialists in energy recovery systems, Bowman has undertaken pioneering research and development work in a number of related technologies. Our expertise is currently employed in the development of several different energy recovery systems, although our primary focus remains exhaust heat recovery by means of our unique turbo generators.

Although it is one of the more efficient sources of power, the typical modern diesel engine still wastes a significant amount of energy; more than 30% of the energy contained in the fuel is lost via the exhaust. Our TurboGen technology recovers energy from the exhaust stream and converts it into useful electric power. The process of exhaust energy recovery results in a more efficient engine, and the energy that is recovered can be used either to increase the total power output or to reduce fuel requirements.

Bowman energy recovery systems also have an important role to play in helping you meet important challenges in the areas of emissions reduction and energy efficiency. Please view the other pages in this section to find out more about the technology we have developed, the energy recovery systems we offer and the various processes involved in the recovery of exhaust heat.