Power Electronics

Bowman power electronics (PE) modules perform a number of functions, including those of a voltage attenuator, AC inverter or DC converter, depending on requirements, and dynamic load.  These varied capabilities allow the power electronics module to fulfill several important tasks.

Firstly, the module processes the high frequency, unregulated AC power output of a turbo generator and converts it into a more useful form.  For stationary power applications, an AC inverter produces a 3-phase grid standard, 50Hz, 400VAC output.

The second important task of the module is generator control, moderating the turbine speed to maximise efficiency.  The PE module achieves this by acting as a dynamic load, responding to the output of the turbo generator. If the generator turbine accelerates beyond a certain speed, the power electronics module senses the change in speed and increases the load, thereby keeping the turbine speed constant.

Finally, the PE module contains a condition monitoring system that provides remote monitoring of generator performance.  It also contains an alarm function that alerts the operator when any unexpected deviations occur.

Whilst we specialise in the design and manufacture of PE modules to support our turbo generators, the technology we have developed has a number of additional applications including fuel cells and wind turbines.

PE Module Features:

  • DC or AC output options.
  • Up to 750V DC or 3 phase, 50 Hz, 400V AC.
  • Up to 60kW.
  • Maximum current rating – 90A.
  • Compact design.
  • Field proven, low cost, high efficiency design.
  • Incorporates Silicon Carbide Diodes for higher efficiency.
  • Water cooled.
  • Industry Standard J1939 CANbus for communicating with external equipment.
  • CE marked.
  • -20°C to +50°C operation.
  • IP20.