Multiple gen-sets in parallel to grid

  • Fully automatic system reduces electric energy bill by keeping the mains power below high tariff level during peak hours.
  • At the same time it accomplishes emergency standby power in case of mains failure.
  • Remote control and monitoring via IL-NT GPRS.
  • WebSupervisor is used for remote monitoring.
  • Wide range of engine and generator protections, including vector-shift protection, loss of excitation and earth fault
    current protection.
  • Automatic forward and reverse synchronization with soft load ramp-up and ramp-down during changeover.
  • Common synchronization of InteliCompact NT MINT controllers provided by MainsCompact NT.
  • Active and reactive load import/export control and load-sharing.
  • Automatic optimization of number of running sets according to load (including Run Hours equalization).
  • Peak loping controlled by built in Scheduler, engines automatically run during peak period.
  • History file with performance log stored in InteliCompact NT MINT allows easy backtracking and problem solving.
  • Seamless communication with engine’s electronic injection control unit, all important values and alarms are visible on screen of InteliCompact NT and stored to the history file in plain language.
  • Mains protection InteliPro provides wider range of protective features for higher reliability and increased safety of the system operation.